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How many golf courses are in the Czech Republic and what is their quality comparable to?
There are approximately 87 golf courses in Czech Republic. More than half of them are 18 holes and their quality meets western-European standards. The  tradition of golf in the Czech Republic dates back to 1904 when the first golf course was opened. Golf is an increasingly popular sport these days. The number of registered golfers in the Czech Republic has already exceeded 55.000.

Is it possible to play all year round or is there a golfing season in the Czech Republic?
The usual golfing season in the Czech Republic is from mid April until mid October. The actual length of the season depends on the weather. Sometimes it is possible to play golf into late autumn or even during the winter months.

What are the prices of green fees and accommodation?
Golf and hotel rates are comparable with other European countries. Of course, prices differ according to the attractiveness of a particular place and date. We expect the rates (especially accommodation) to decrease slightly in the future. Please feel free to ask for our current rates – contact us.

What are distances between Czech golf courses?
It varies. There are some areas with a high density of golf courses with distances of around 25 km. Take a look at our map or send us your request and we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you.